Thursday, June 12, 2008

The large stone and a pair of teeth

The jogger

He kept trying for the whole of last week. And at last he succeeded. He woke up at 7 and started the good habit of jogging. He would have hardly ran ten meters when he crossed a bag containing a large stone and a pair of teeth lying side by side.

The fall guy

Every birthday comes with a new hope. A hope: the world will be good to you at least for a day. Sadly, our scapegoat won’t subscribe to that. Not after flying around, getting his butt kicked by every non-Grata well wisher and getting his face plastered with cream. He slowly heads back home, cursing and swearing at all those so called well wishers.

The villain

No story is complete without a villain. This guy happens to celebrate his birthday the very next day and is in need of money so that he can revel. He waits in a dark alley waiting for a prey to jump right in front of him.

The good guys

You find them helping old ladies cross the road even if all they never wanted to. They always prevent children from pelting stones at dogs, and end up getting 14 injections themselves. And the office has a few of them. They keep track of every event and waste no chance to gift magnanimously. It was on one such day that they give a fall guy some gift on his birthday, which was received well.

The reflexes

Reflex never fails. A walk down a dark alley and someone jumps in front of you. All one can do is to throw whatever you have in your hand at the offender.

The schemer

What is life without a conspiracy? Every damn event is a conspiracy. And it doesn’t need much of a time for the conspirator to replace the gifts with a piece of stone which resembles in every respect but for one. All these done in split seconds. Especially when someone’s flying all over. The gunpowder conspiracy has been excelled.

fiction? maybe...

result of reading too many novels back to back :P

"... and all those beautiful evenings we spent together, watching movies cuddled up on the couch... cooking together... laughing together... those nights when you sat up watching me as i slept... those mornings when i'd wake up to see your beautiful smile... every moment was out of a fairy tale... a world untrue but yet it was so true... blissful days and passionate nights... life with you has been an impossible dream lived in flesh n blood..."

"... when you said you have to leave to fulfil your dreams, i wished i could walk with you into your dreams... i bid you goodbye with a heavy heart and there was this faint hope of reliving our magic when you would get back... little did i know this would be the last time i ever saw you... little did i know you'd get so far away that neither my calls nor my cries could reach you... so far away where i cannot come even if i so much want to..."

"... can i? yes!!! i can... i can come over to where you are, my love... we vowed to be together, until death did us apart... i have lived with you though your life... and its now time to walk hand in hand with you in your after life... wait my love, lemme come along..."

love knows not its depth until the hour of separation...