Saturday, January 23, 2010

...and it finally happened.

It was july. It was 2005. I remember walking into the room of a bespectacled man reading lord of the rings. I remember knocking on his door and seeking permission to come in. I remember him flashing a smile,requesting me to enter. I remember him with hair like Jim Morrison.

and since that day at a residential institute at Bangalore, where we had been sent by our company for training, we have shared a friendship that has seen our lives change, derail, re-align, but somehow keep chugging on. From discussions on failed appraisals, to successful musicians, actors, films - films that were memorable and have a connection with Malayalam film makers (one that i doubt greatly), to finally marriage and the ensuing "responsibility". somehow marriage talk didn't really lead us to any other topic.

but as i sat a few feet away from the Mantap, watching him with his fantastic Jim Morrison like hair, go through the rituals of the wedding, i couldn't help but nudge a friend sitting next to me and say, " I can't get away from the feeling that they seem so perfect together." and my friend concurred as she nodded. and we looked at the Maptap again and Mr. Morrison and his wife smiled back as though they concurred too.

And when i saw the final ritual which made the two of them man and wife in the eyes of God,with his teary eyed father blessing them and clasping his hands together against his forehead thanking everyone who had come, I tried to remember what the fuss was all about. The responsibility that we had made such a mountain of, seemed like such a mole. our parents may not be of the i-pod, PSP age, but they can do somethings so much better than us, i thought.

As i looked out of my garib-rath window on my way back home, I reflected on having had a tremendous time at the marriage. I marveled again at how perfect they seemed together. and i then i went a step ahead to wonder if she too had 200 orkut fans and just as many on facebook (if FB were to have that feature).

strangely, even to be the 200th person be be called on seemed rather gratifying. :)